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Understanding Panasonic’s technological breakthrough for VR and AR applications

The growth in demand for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) studios has seen Panasonic partner with both Brainstorm and Zero Density – two leading innovators within this field – to demonstrate how our camera systems can be used within these environments. Jaume Miro covers the differences between both VR and AR, and discusses how our camera systems synchronise with virtual production systems and make these environments become more accessible.

  • Understanding the concept behind Panasonic’s ground-breaking IP-based switcher platform

    Introducing the concept b…

    Introducing the concept behind Panasonic’s next-generation IP-based switcher platform is Guilhem Krier, whose team brings over 30 years’ experience in developing ground-breaking switcher technology. Guilhem also discusses how the platform can help with the transmission from baseband to IP workflows, and how it can help the growth of remote production.
  • CineLive with the VariCam and EVA1

    Panasonic have introduced…

    Panasonic have introduced CineLive, where the VariCam and EVA1 large-sensor cameras adapted to allow their use within a multi-camera set-up through systems that have been developed by DTS, Cyanview and Skaarhoj respectively. Luc Bara goes through the concept of CineLive, and how the cinematic look coupled with live-system functionalities is being used to capture live productions.
  • New Panasonic 4K switcher AV-UHS500

    Panasonic is to launch th…

    Panasonic is to launch the brand new AV-UHS500 UHD live switcher aimed at event staging, OB vans and corporate markets. Julien Dulaurent discusses some of the upgraded features, including 12G SDI output, the ability to control three independent outputs, and full PTZ control from the switcher.
  • Latest Panasonic PTZ developments celebrating 10 years of innovation

    Panasonic’s 10 year PTZ a…

    Panasonic’s 10 year PTZ anniversary has featured a number of world firsts’, and have remained at the forefront of innovation. Dean Offord joins us to discuss the latest PTZ developments, including overviews on the brand-new AW-UE4, the AW-HE42 and the AW-RP60 camera controller.
  • Using 8K to improve live event coverage with Panasonic ROI technology

    The 8K ROI multi-camera s…

    The 8K ROI multi-camera system is an exciting development for live event capture. It enhances production values by producing up to five separate HD feeds - one of these is a down-converted wide shot, and the other four individual feeds are cropped images in 1080p or 720p simultaneously from the 8K sensor. Takashi Ishii provides an overview on the system and the technology behind it, and offers an insight into how the 8K ROI system can improve coverage for live events.
  • A demonstration of Panasonic’s ground-breaking IP-based switcher platform

    We are joined by Helge Sc…

    We are joined by Helge Schenk, whose vast experience in switcher technology has gone into the development of the next-generation IP-based platform from Panasonic. Helge covers the main components and features found within the platform, and discusses its usability compared to hardware-based switchers.
  • An exclusive insight into the Panasonic 8K organic sensor

    Panasonic have announced …

    Panasonic have announced the development of an industry-first 8K camera system with an organic photoconductive film CMOS sensor. Takashi Ishii provides an exclusive insight into the technology, which covers the benefits of an 8K organic sensor including its extremely wide dynamic range and global shutter functionality, and the features found on the 8K camera system.
  • New Panasonic ENG camera AJ-CX4000

    Panasonic launched the br…

    Panasonic launched the brand new AJ-CX4000 UHD P2 camera for newsgathering operations, and has been at the forefront of solid-state video content since its inception. Justus Kuenanz gives us an overview on the camera and what UHD capture means for news organisations.

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