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Find out how to operate and configure the Panapod elevation unit for Panasonic PTZ Cameras!

Let Jaume Miro and Dean Offord show you how to operate and configure the Panapod elevation unit. There are two main ways to configure the Panapod. Either over serial communication or via IP communication over a network. With this, it is possible to operate completely over a network. As the Panapod support the Panasonic AW-protocol, it is compatible with the Panasonic controllers. The Panapod elevation unit is optimized for Panasonic PTZ cameras and was created in collaboration with Polecam. Find out more: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Elevation-Unit-for-PTZ-Cameras/Panapod

  • How to set up the Panapod elevation unit for Panasonic PTZ Cameras!

    We are introducing a new …

    We are introducing a new member of the Panasonic robotic family - the Panapod! The Panapod is an elevation unit optimized for Panasonic PTZ cameras that was created in collaboration with Polecam. It is designed for mobility and fits into a single flightcase which enables a single operator to quickly deploy and begin filming. The elevation unit can be used as a standalone system on a stage, in a studio, behind a goal, in a conference venue, or in a press conference, to provide an unobtrusive camera position that is great for the spectators whilst not interfering with the artists, players’ action, presenters or the sequence being shot. It is available in a black and a white version to make it as discreet as possible. Find out more: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Elevation-Unit-for-PTZ-Cameras/Panapod
  • Inspiring Lightness | AG-CX10 Footage

    Meet the industry's small…

    Meet the industry's smallest & lightest 4K 50P/60p AG-CX10 camcorder*. Not limited by its compact and lightweight design, the AG-CX10 offers a high standard of on-site mobility and portability, is well suited for reportage and interview style shooting, events coverage and sports. With a 25mm wide-angle lens and 24x optical zoom, the AG-CX10 camcorder achieves high-spec optical performance, including high-precision Auto Focus and offers professional camera features, including two manual rings, ND filters, a built-in LED video light, 5-axis optical image stabilization, dual SD cards slots, internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording and more. Additionally, the CX10 offers advanced connectivity options, with built-in Wi-Fi support, the ability to livestream directly to major platforms, and an available NDI|HX upgrade. Video: Vitold Yavdoshchuk To find out more about the camera, please see here: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K-Camcorder/ag-cx10
  • Meet our new 4K live video switcher - AV-UHS500!

    Introducing our new AV-UH…

    Introducing our new AV-UHS500 4K live video switcher: The AV-UHS5000 demonstrates outstanding live video production performance in the field for use in a variety of applications, including event staging, corporate gigs, broadcast at stations and live trucks, lectures on college campuses, and conference halls. Find out more here: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/switcher/av-uhs500
  • Find out why the UK Supreme Court installed Panasonic PTZ cameras to live stream its cases!

    The Supreme Court is the …

    The Supreme Court is the highest and final court of appeal for United Kingdom civil and criminal cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Formed in October 2009, it replaced the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords as the highest court in the UK. At the time of writing, it has heard over 835 appeals and hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance. The building is located on Parliament Square, just opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The policy of the court is to record and broadcast hearings, in keeping with their commitment to transparency. Since its creation, all cases have been archived on their website ensuring fair and open access to all. "The reason we added live streaming and media coverage is because the justices wanted the court to be fully accessible to all members of the public," adds Brian Shek, Senior System Administrator & Commercial Officer at the Supreme Court. Three court rooms at the Westminster location were each equipped with four Panasonic AW-HN130s, a AW-RP150 camera controller and NewTek Tricaster to efficiently record the high-profile cases. "We need PTZs because it's not practical in a court room to have an operator manually controlling the cameras," explains Dan Money, a technical architect and IT Manager at the Supreme Court. "You need a constant shot of the Justices bench, a back and front shot, and both a wide and close up shot to gain an understanding of what is going on in the court. PTZs are the least intrusive option that guarantees transparency in the courtroom but they also give the camera operator the right level of control and ensure shots of high production value," highlights Dan. Read more details: Get to know the AW-HN130 camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Full_HD_Remote_Camera_Built-in_Network_Device_Interface_NDI-HX_Support/aw-hn130 Find out more about the AW-RP150 camera controller: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Touchscreen-Remote-Camera-Controller/aw-rp150
  • Panasonic's Next Generation Live Production Platform

    An IT/IP-centric platform…

    An IT/IP-centric platform based on an open software architecture that will bring ground-breaking innovations to many markets in the video industry, starting with a very powerful broadcast video switcher. For more information, visit: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform
  • Panasonic’s IT/IP-centric video processing platform works with any format, resolution & canvas size

    Helge Schenk, Product Spe…

    Helge Schenk, Product Specialist, explains how Panasonic’s new next-generation IT/IP-centric video platform is truly resolution and format independent, and offers free canvas size. The video shows how simple and fast it is to work with any aspect ratio and resolution and to move and resize layers, and how powerful the platform is by being able to manage a compositing scene by scene and output by output. Find out more: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform
  • Panasonic 'Autotracking with Deep Learning' PTZ Camera software AW-SF100/200

    Installing auto-tracking …

    Installing auto-tracking software AW-SF100G and AW-SF200G adds an automatic tracking capability to your Panasonic PTZ camera, allowing you to track target individuals automatically. Face recognition and human body detection with deep learning technology realize high-precision auto tracking. we are providing a free trial version that you can download. This will allow you to test all the functions for thirty days. Please download Free 30-day Trial version: AW-SF100: https://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/ats_e.htm AW-SF200: https://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/ats200_e.htm Get to know the Autotracking Software: AW-SF100: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Auto-tracking-software/aw-sf100 AW-SF200: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/autotracking_software/aw-sf200
  • Live Compositing with Panasonic’s new IT/IP-centric video processing platform

    Helge Schenk, Product Spe…

    Helge Schenk, Product Specialist, explains how to do live compositing with Panasonic Broadcast’s new next-generation IT/IP-centric video platform that will be launched at NAB 2020. The video shows how simple and fast it is to create intricate compositing compared to traditional switchers, and how powerful the platform is, being able to be used like a “Photoshop” style tool for live video production, allowing to use an unlimited number of layers.

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