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Find out how the Rennes 2 University captured an opera performance with Panasonic PTZ cameras!

The audiovisual department of the Rennes 2 University, otherwise known as the CRÉA, were responsible with broadcasting the concert live onto a host of platforms including the Opera's website, the university’s web TV channel, and in its auditorium. Panasonic PTZ cameras were used as they could be controlled remotely, and could easily adapt to the environmental constraints including actor movements, sound and lighting. The 4K AW-UE150 and Full HD AW-HE130 PTZ cameras are not only reliable and robust, they also allow high quality image capture with a very discreet presence within the Opera. “Panasonic’s PTZ cameras responded perfectly to our needs and stood out due to their reliability and ease of installation. The broadcast was produced remotely, and through the use of robotic cameras we were able to use our control room located on the university campus,” said Christian Allio, Director of the CRÉA at Rennes 2 University (https://www.univ-rennes2.fr/structure/crea). Find out more about: AW-UE150 4K PTZ camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K_50p_Professional_PTZ_Camera/AW-UE150 AW-RP150 remote controller with touchscreen:https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Touchscreen-Remote-Camera-Controller/aw-rp150 AW-HE130 PTZ camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/integrated-pt-cameras/aw-he130 AW-RP50 remote controller: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/camera-control-unit/aw-rp50

  • Episode 4: New Workflows for Video Production| Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series

    Guilhem Krier and Jaume M…

    Guilhem Krier and Jaume Miro feature in this episode of the Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series to discuss new production techniques that Panasonic have supported as part of its Smart Live Production concept. This includes the FreeD protocol and TrackMen Station system for XR studios, talent tracking, the 8K ROI (region of interest) camera system and the AW-SF100 auto-tracking software. The behind-the-scenes provide an overview of ‘Kairos Control’, the dedicated hardware panel for the Kairos IT/IP video processing platform that was used during the production of the episode. In addition, we also take a closer look at the KST-CamBot.system when used within a virtual studio environment. Contact us: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/contact-us Watch more episodes: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/LIVE_Video_Series Content of this video: 00:00 Opening 00:57 Introduction 02:10 PTZ cameras & virtual productions 04:34 Robotic camera systems compatibility with VR/AR 06:50 KAIROS – IT/IP video processing platform 08:38 BEHIND THE SCENES 10:42 KAIROS – Highlights & explanation 14:58 Control of robotics in the virtual studio 15:56 3D graphics 19:20 L.I.V.E. Video Series outro Find out more about: IT/IP video processing platform KAIROS: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform/KAIROS 8K ROI camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/8k-roi-region-of-interest Auto Tracking Software AW-SF100: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Auto-tracking-software/aw-sf100 AW-UE150 PTZ Camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K_50p_Professional_PTZ_Camera/AW-UE150 AW-UE100 PTZ Camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/ptz-camera/aw-ue100 VR/AR: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/virtual-and-augmented-reality-systems
  • How to realise an UHD Virtual Reality Studio End-to-End Workflow - RWE Campus

    RWE decided to include a …

    RWE decided to include a Virtual Reality (VR) studio when they created their new building on the RWE Campus in Essen, Germany. KST Moschkau GmbH created an UHD Virtual Reality Studio for this purpose that features four Panasonic AW-UE150 UHD PTZ cameras, the KST-CamBot-system and Zero Density’s Reality Engine. RWE relies heavily on TV production automation as they do not employ professional studio personnel. This is one of the reasons why the KST-CamBot.system is used as the central automation unit as it can control the 4 PTZ cameras, the Panasonic AV-UHS500 4K live switcher as well as the virtual rendering technology Reality 2.9 from Zero Density among others. The studio was created as an innovative audio-visual communication tool, to provide a groundbreaking level of quality in modern TV standards such as UHD. In addition to the actual VR studio, the control room and various additional positions, such as outside interview area, event rooms, OB van connection point, etc. were also designed to fit into their new concept. The realisation of the studio started in April 2020 and went on air on July 1, 2020 with four on-air live productions. Currently, RWE uses the studio mostly for internal, company-wide communication, but is working on new production formats for press conferences, press releases, etc. Find out more about… AW-UE150 PTZ Camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K_50p_Professional_PTZ_Camera/AW-UE150 KST-CamBot.system: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/motion-control-robotic-camera-system-for-tv-automation-kst-cambotsystem Reality Engine: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/system-product-collaborations/zero-density-reality-engine
  • Episode 3: TOTAL MOVEMENT - COMPLETE CONTROL | Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series

    Panasonic Robotic Camera …

    Panasonic Robotic Camera Systems and Automation improve every production! Follow Jaume Miro and Guilhem Krier as they introduce the Panasonic ‘Top 5’ Robotic Systems. This episode of the L.I.V.E. Video Series showcases how robotic camera systems provide smooth camera movements that can be created and managed remotely from intuitive software platforms that combine multiple systems to produce attractive and engaging content. As part of our Smart Live Production concept, our new IT/IP video processing platform KAIROS is the centre of production of this episode. In the behind-the-scenes section we demonstrate the Canvas function of the platform. We also take a closer look at the newly introduced AK-HC3900 and AK-UC3300 live camera systems. Contact us: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/contact-us Watch more episodes: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/LIVE_Video_Series Content of this video: 00:00 Opening 00:28 Introduction 01:38 #1 Wide range of PTZ cameras 02:10 #2 PanaPod elevation unit 03:04 #3 Tuning system 04:06 #4 Robyhead 04:47 #5 KST-CamBot.system 05:43 Kairos – IT/IP video processing platform 07:08 Behind the scenes Find out more about: KAIROS - IT/IP video processing platform: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform/KAIROS PanaPod: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Elevation-Unit-for-PTZ-Cameras/Panapod Robyhead: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/movicom-robyhead-d1-pan-tilt-head-with-4k-uhd-support-full-carbon-body-and-high-load-capability Tuning System: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/robotic-system/tecnopoint-tuning-system KST-CamBot.system: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/motion-control-robotic-camera-system-for-tv-automation-kst-cambotsystem Panasonic PTZ range: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/remote-camera-systems/ptz-cameras #robotics #kairos #videoproduction #automation
  • Episode 2: Three Trends to Watch in the Broadcast Industry | Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series

    Jaume Miro and Anna Arkat…

    Jaume Miro and Anna Arkatova highlight a number of current trends for the broadcast and media industry – those being the transition to IP, live streaming, and the adoption of VR and AR. Embrace Panasonic technology that is used to adapt to the new ways of producing the video content efficiently and with no compromise on the quality. Take a look behind-the-scenes at CustomProject’s XR Studio in Barcelona, showcasing the integration of the compact AV-UHS500 4K switcher, the AW-UE150 & AW-UE100 PTZ cameras alongside Tuning rail system. Watch more episodes: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/LIVE_Video_Series Contact us: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/contact-us Content of this video: 00:00 Opening 00:31 Introduction 01:43 Transition to IP 03:32 Live Streaming 05:40 AR & VR 08:55 BEHIND THE SCENES #AR #VR #IPvideo #livestreaming
  • Episode 1: Future technologies for XR Studios | Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series

    Dean Offord and Ollie New…

    Dean Offord and Ollie Newland cover some of Panasonic’s latest innovations that can be used within a XR studio environment, including the new AK-HC3900 and AK-UC3300 live camera systems, the AW-UE100 4K PTZ camera, with Kairos sitting at the centre of the production. The episode is produced at Creative Technology’s XR Studio in London, where we are joined by Sid Lobb, who details how Kairos can improve their work in live production, Tom Burford to provide an overview on the technology that sits behind their XR studio, and Sam Hatcher on working with Kairos from an operational perspective. Completing the episode is Mike Grieve from Mo-Sys to detail their revolutionary StarTracker technology. Watch more episodes: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/LIVE_Video_Series Contact us: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/contact-us Content of this video: 0:00 – Opening 00:25 – Introduction 01:12 – New System Cameras AK-HC3900 & AK-UC3300 03:15 – New PTZ Camera AW-UE100 04:47 – Network Device Interface (NDI) 06:01 – Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) 08:13 – FreeD Protocol and Mo-Sys StarTracker 09:13 – KAIROS – IT/IP Live Video Processing Platform 13:19 – BEHIND THE SCENES #PTZcamera #XRstudio #Kairos #4kcamera
  • Intro: The View from the Top | Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series

    Kicking off the Panasonic…

    Kicking off the Panasonic Live Integrated Video Experience (L.I.V.E.) Series are Andre Meterian and Guilhem Krier, whom showcase our ‘Smart Live Production’ concept, as well as providing an overview on what we should expect from the series including new product announcements including the AW-UE100 4K PTZ camera, AK-HC3900 and AK-UC3300 live camera systems, and Kairos - the ground-breaking IP-based video platform. Watch more episodes: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/LIVE_Video_Series Contact us: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/contact-us Content of this video: 00:00 – Opening 00:24 – L.I.V.E. Series Kick-off 02:21 – Concept of ‘Smart Live Production’ 03:46 – Technologies powering ‘Smart Live Production’ 05:49 – KAIROS – IT/IP Live Video Processing Platform 07:03 – New PTZ Camera AW-UE100 07:57 – New System Cameras AK-HC3900 & AK-UC3300
  • AW-UE100 Webinar - German edition

    AW-UE100 Einführungs-Webi…

    AW-UE100 Einführungs-Webinar mit Erläuterungen der wichtigsten Merkmale, erstem Filmmaterial und viel Zeit für Fragen.
  • Webinar – Présentation de la caméra PTZ 4K AW-UE100

    Avec des nouvelles attent…

    Avec des nouvelles attentes de plus en plus élevées, en termes de qualité vidéo et streaming, les équipes de production cherchent des moyens de diffuser avec un fonctionnement souple et rentable, tout en fournissant des images exceptionnelles. C'est dans cet esprit que Panasonic a annoncé l'AW-UE100 dans sa gamme de caméras PTZ, leader sur le marché. Cette nouvelle caméra robotisée prend en charge la capture d'images jusqu'à 4K 60p en plus d'une grande variété de protocoles de transmission IP, notamment NDI®, NDI|HX et SRT (Secure Reliable Transport). Au cours du webinar, nous présentons les principales caractéristiques et le fonctionnement de l'AW-UE100. Nous répondrons également à vos questions. L'AW-UE100 dispose d'un nouveau système Drive Motor pour des mouvements panoramique et d'inclinaison plus précis, un faible bruit et une capture d'image haute résolution. Cette caméra robotisée est le choix idéal, pour une production de haute qualité à distance et en studio, pour la captation en direct mais également la captation de spectacles, concerts, événements sportifs et d’entreprise ou au sein d'établissements d'enseignement supérieur. https://business.panasonic.fr/camera-professionnelle/camera-ptz/AW-UE100

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