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See how Panasonic have been employed across the Broadcast & ProAV and Industrial Medical Vision industry. Read and download our latest case studies below.

Категория: Broadcast & ProAV
Cinematographer Charles Papert, shoots new YouTube Red comedy series on Panasonic's true to life VariCam LT cinema camera.
Категория: Broadcast & ProAV
Sector: Leisure, Cinema & Theatre, Restaurant & Bar, Amusement & Theme Parks, Stadiums & Sports Facilities, Media Entertainment & Events, Rental & Staging
Learn how the Panasonic remote camera systems and Polecam solutions can be integrated for Live Events
Категория: Broadcast & ProAV
The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has recently integrated Panasonic AW-UE70 remote cameras, allowing them to film, record and live stream performances.
Категория: Broadcast & ProAV
Madrid based post-production house La Bicicleta AD road tests the Panasonic 360 degree camera for the production of “The Magician”

Varicam Pure - The Red Coat

Категория: Broadcast & ProAV
Sector: Broadcast, Broadcast, Production, Freelancer & DOP
The Red Coat is an enigmatic short film shot to articulate high contrast HDR values and a true test of the VariCam Pure (with Codex V-RAW recorder) and the full range of Fujinon HK Premier and ZK and XK Cabrio cine-zooms.