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Panasonic EPOS warranty

EPOS systems

We support every EPOS system we supply with exceptional service. And our warranty terms are a key part of that.

Although our systems have long proven their reliability in the business world, it’s always good to know you have the right support on hand, in the case of any unexpected mishap.

We are liable for warranty for material defects proven to exist at the time the risk for the goods passes on. The warranty liability for defects to a professional buyer is met by subsequent performance, by either repairing the defective product or delivering a new faultless one, at our choice. 

In case of failure to repair or to deliver subsequently, the buyer shall be entitled to a reduction in price or to cancellation of the contract. Subsequent performance is deemed to have failed after several unsuccessful attempts to repair or deliver and any further attempt would not be deemed reasonable for the buyer.

Claims due to material defects become statute-barred in 12 months, unless stated otherwise in the Product Catalogue. Subsequent performance does not lead to an extension of the limitation period.

Claims of the buyer due to material defects are precluded if the buyer does not ascertain the defect and give written notice of it immediately on receipt of the goods, provided that the defect is obvious.

Written notice of hidden defects must be given without undue delay after their discovery.  Defects due to inappropriate and improper use or handling of the delivered goods, faulty installation or operation by the buyer or any third party or due to normal wear and tear do not constitute a liability for defects.

Any changes and repairs carried out by the buyer or any unauthorized third party shall preclude the liability for the consequences thereof.

At the same time, any warranty liability for defects shall expire.

In case of warranty the buyer shall send the defective product at its own risk and expense to an authorized Panasonic POS Service Centre.

After having rendered subsequent performance we shall return the product at our risk and expense to the buyer.

The buyer shall bear all costs of de-installation and installation of the product.