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Because ‘different’ is in the TOUGHBOOK DNA, we thought it was about time we created something a little different for our next promotional film.

There is more than just products specs and benefits. Something that encapsulates our TOUGHBOOK ‘above and beyond’ ethos, and that of the heroes and specialists who use our devices.

It was time to create a promotional film with a little hard-hitting honesty, and a whole lot of heart.

So, we asked ourselves: Where can we go to find the unadulterated truth? What can we do to get no-nonsense feedback? Who can we rely on to get straight to the point?

Yes, we could have talked directly to the defence specialists, firefighters, officers, aviation experts or medical personnel who use our devices. But no. That would be too easy. 

We needed to go deeper. Be braver. Get tougher.

We needed to talk to a far more formidable group…one with a notoriously critical eye and frank opinions.


So, what happened when put the following question to a lineup of little ones?

‘What makes certain professionals exceptional…extraordinary…different?’

The result is a charming (and funny) tale about going the extra mile.