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RetiPiù operates in the natural gas and electricity sector; designing, building and managing 2,000 km of gas and electricity networks that provide safe energy to houses, businesses and organisations. But these networks require daily maintenance, renewal, technological updates, and supervision from skilled workers and engineers. And so, the company invests highly to increase efficiency and improve equipment in order to guarantee the highest standards in security, supply continuity and speed of service. Delivering continuous improvements through innovation and improved quality and processes is a core element of RetiPiù’s identity.

Thanks to the introduction of new IT applications and innovative construction and product systems, RetiPiù has now digitalised its processes and services, delivering state-of-the-art solutions to remote control networks and structures. Technology is used to ensure network security, speed of intervention and efficiency in the management of work times.

The purchase of 80 Panasonic Toughbook FZ-G1 tablets for use by its workforce is a key part of the investments carried out by RetiPiù.


The top choice for management

The introduction of the tablets is the result of a strategy focused on investing in technology to improve working conditions in the field and to help with everyday tasks.

What technicians think

For technicians, it’s important that any devices are reliable, always perform when needed, and are developed in collaboration with those who work in harsh environments. The device shouldn’t hinder or slow down activities, but rather make them easier for workers.

That’s why the Toughpad FZ-G1 is designed and built specifically to perform out in the field.

It’s sturdy and shock-resistant, and can withstand rain, falls, and all the difficult conditions that those who work outside must face everyday. In addition, the FZ-G1’s low weight (around 1 kg) makes it extremely practical and handy – especially thanks to the hand and shoulder straps provided, which make it easy to use, even with no support.


The opinion of operators

For RetiPiù operators out in the field, the FZ-G1 has proved to be extremely easy to use – particularly thanks to its wide 10.1” display, designed to guarantee perfect visibility in any light condition, even direct sunlight.

The device is used with RetiPiù’s management software to carry out meter maintenance, installation and removal operations, as well as emergency interventions and budget calculations. It is also used as a sat nav in order to optimise journeys and save time inbetween interventions.

A noticeable innovation for RetiPiù field operators was the opportunity to stop using paper. The FZ-G1’s display technology, and the availability of a digital pen, mean clients can sign directly onto the screen, therefore eliminating the need for paper and printers, which are uncomfortable to work with on-the-move and expensive to buy and store.

A summary by RetiPiù’s IT manager

The use of company software in the field was made easier by the rugged and reliable performance of Panasonic’s Toughpad FZ-G1, thanks to its next-generation processor and fourth-generation communication technology. Batteries are optimised to guarantee operations during a whole working shift, whilst inbuilt features such as GPS, 3D barcode reader, digital pen, 4G, and camera, allow data to be easily collected from various sources, without the need for different devices. This increases convenience, and reduces the overall weight carried by the workforce.


The reasons behind RetiPiù’s choice, and the results

“After some months using the new solution, we can say we are satisfied with the choice we made, especially with regards to choosing Panasonic. Our operators quickly learnt how to use the device and, even more quickly, we started to experience the advantages, both in terms of better quality and an increase in the number of interventions. The elimination of paper is also a very important factor for us, which triggers better economic performances and lower environmental impact,” explains RetiPiù’s technical manager.

“The choice of a professional device (instead of a consumer one) is part of our company policy. The mission of RetiPiù is to provide an efficient and high-quality service, in order to support the development and wellbeing of the territories we serve and guarantee security, as well as to protect the environment and energy resources. We pursue these goals not only by involving RetiPiù workers, but also by using tools that are up to our standards,” the general director of RetiPiù concludes.