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Поиск программного решения

Лучшее решение для требований вашего бизнеса

Продукты Panasonic Toughbook и Toughpad обслуживаются эксклюзивной сетью сертифицированных независимых поставщиков программного обеспечения (ISV), работающих в разными отраслях и обладающих обширными знаниями в области решений, которые прошли успешное тестирование и сертификацию для наших продуктов и услуг.

  • SOTI

    SOTI is the world's most trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, with over 16,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI's innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. 


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  • NetMotion

    NetMotion’s mobile performance management software empowers IT to deliver an unparalleled mobile user experience. Our software accelerates, optimizes, and secures all traffic to mobile devices across any network, application or operating system.

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  • FusionPipe

    FusionPipe specializes in convenient and secure authentication solutions to devices and networks using smartphones & wearables to increase productivity, enhance end user experience and improve data and network security for enterprises, mobile field service workers, first responders and healthcare professionals.



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  • Absolute Software

    Absolute provides persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions for computers, tablets & smartphones. Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) provides a persistent connection to all of your endpoints and the data they contain which means you’re always in control, even if a device is off the network or in the hands of an unauthorised user. Download co-branded flyer here.

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